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Age: 33
United States
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Give Me The Strength.
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Chatting

- Major updates are happening soon to my cat!! Many new products, Many New Changes.
About me
- I am dearly in love with someone.
- I work for a living
- I am ditzy, nutzy, and weird.
- I do have alternate accounts.
-I will keep them private.
- Some people already know them.

A: Because I want to keep a least some privacy 'here'.

Q: Where have you been?
A: I was gone for a lengthy time,I know that, my catalog is a mess and now I am trying to get it organized.

More general information:

* Green is my favorite color aside from my fixation on THIS color blue..."for a moment"
*Gentry Is a completely made up name. Not my real one. Pfft.
*I love Kids. I think they're pretty awesome.
*I enjoy long stories, and people who can really have a conversation. No Hi...*Wind*

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This is a organized, mess, but take a look, you might be surprised by what you find, in these pages!
Gx. Skin Creating ToolSkGx. Eyes Adore You BrownGx. B Hot Devil
Gx. BBBlonde Frosina NBGx. BeeStingsGx. BBBlonde Varsha NB

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