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I'm not ignoring you sweeties,I'm just busy developing...HUGZZZZ
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship
I do luv to chat but please dont be rude by begging or trying to cyber or being violent, when I get a chance to chat I like to meet people and have fun, so please remember.... friends are ever so much nicer to have
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Just would like to say thank you for buying my products and to all those who have left such wonderful reviews your so very kind.I'm sorry for not getting back to anyone right away but I have been very busy and unable to get back to everyone who writes.I just want you to know I do appreciate the invites and messages and I'm very thankful for all your kindnesses.May the upcoming holidays find you happy and healthy and may they be joyous as well. With all my heart,GennyR XOXOXO
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Wanna know why I dont use models?Because if it looks this good on a default avi how Great will it look on yours? ;) PLEASE.. if you like my products just leave a review on the products page (just click on" write review").It would help me so much ...THANK YOU! :)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBanner Code
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