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If you steal ANY of my products, even if it is a catalog icon, I will DMCA your asshole beyond the depths of the universe, you lazy and talentless baboon. Make your own damn products. I've done before and I will do it again.
I still log in every once in a while to check messages,etc. If I see a question/message from you, please make sure you don't have the whole "Friends Only" shit. I cannot reply to your message if you do and then I end up wasting time typing something that can't be sent. ಠ_ಠ
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Special Someone
Gengar has no special someone.
Inb4 IMVU explodes

Hi, I don't really use IMVU anymore but I check my messages like once a year. Check here to see if your question has been answered.


Can I have/buy your name?

No. Sorry. This name is important to me. This gets asked like every 3 months by different people. lol

Are you the owner of the Gengar badge?

I only own the Mega Gengar badge and it's for friends only. Other Gengar badges are not mine.

Can you make this? / I would like something you made in a different color,etc!

Thanks for liking my products but I no longer really make stuff since I don't play. I make stuff for Second Life now. I hid a lot of my products too because I feel they're outdated now. D:

Something you made broke/doesn't work anymore!

That is a fault on IMVU's end if they break the mesh. I'm not a mesher (I only texture) so a broken product is beyond my control.

Let's talk! / Add me as a friend.

I don't play on here but I have a Discord and I use Second Life now. Drop me a message if you want my tag on Discord but I warn you that I don't talk much!
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Hello, please do not ask to buy my name. Thank you.
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