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In Brief: Professional Game Designer. Math Geek. Raver. Boxer. Armenian American. Gamer Grrl. You?
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Biographical Statement: EJ Angel is the designer of the Mardi Gras 3000 Collectible Card Game and the Mardi Gras 3000 open-world, where writers can write and publish in the Mardi Gras 3000 universe of Fallen Angel Terrapyres and four dimensional Celestials. She is a classically trained painter with a dual MFA in Performance and Interdisciplinary Arts (focus on painting), and continues to create commissioned portraits as well as book covers for the publishing industry. The Mardi Gras 3000 team has chosen IMVU as their official chat client. EJ welcomes all comments in good taste ;)

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Look at my cool buddies! They range in age from 6 years old to 50something. I guess I'm just inclusive like that :D
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Hello, visitors. What brought you here today? Got a comment or question? I'd love to hear from you *blush*

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Someone, a long time ago, asked me what my interests were. I rattled off painting, gaming, boxing (doing it and watching it), motorcycles, mountain men and brilliant women. Silence followed. I suppose it would have been better if I'd just said: Coffee, chocolate, and long, intelligent conversations in VR ;)

A slideshow of some of my artwork:

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dancing, Motorcycles, Gaming, boxing, collectable card games
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Think you can't pray in VR? Think again. Christ in everything -- in rain, in kisses, in children's eyes -- means in pixels too. Catch up, baby. It's the post-modern revolution. Forget milk. Got quad processors?

Click on over for free stuff, the Gamer Grrl in Small Doses blog, and much more.

Click on over for free stuff, the Gamer Grrl in Small Doses blog, and much more.

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Just a quick disclaimer: The "Mardi Gras 3000" and "Leather Ladybird" groups are run by my publisher which means they are inclusive of *all* people. I can personally and passionately vouch for the content in these groups. Any other groups listed here are groups I'm exploring. I do not control the language, images or content in any of these. Please just be aware and browse safely. If you'd like to know my humble opinion of a group here, or a general rating (like PG, PG-13 or R) please just PM me, okay?
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i heart IMVU stamps!

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