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Race: Elda (High-Elf)
Age: Several thousands of years
Location: Lothlórien
Relationship Status: Married to Celeborn

Account for: Supporting roleplay
Main account: Elaini
In IMVU for: years

Born into the ancient royal lineage of the Eldar (High-Elves) in Valinor, Galadriel is very skilled, powerful and lovely, yet she and her family have tasted both the sweet and bitter taste of immortality mixed with ambition and defiance. She calls herself as a guardian of Lothlórien in the absence of Prince Amroth and Nimrodel, yet she's willfully called as the Queen by her people.

The isolated Lothlórien which she is tending for and in which she rules seems almost like an echo of another time, where colours are blooming brighter, every form of life feels more present and the birds long gone are singing still. Not just anyone is allowed to enter, and even less so the abominations of the Enemy.

After three Ages her will is still strong enough to stay in Endor (Middle-Earth) to fight the fallen Maia Sauron and his attempt to reclaim it to himself and his Lord, Morgoth. She won't return home to Valinor before her work is done – the suffering of her loved ones avenged, and learning the wisdom of it all.

For this account I prefer the roleplay based on the canon book lore.

I won't add those I haven't talked with, so please do send me a message.

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The Art of Realism

For the artists, creators and customers who love the realistic art style and 3D products. Tutorials, advice and common discussion.

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Elves of Arda

For the friends of the lore of Quendi, the Tolkien Elves. Discussion, advice, art and heavy roleplay with The Silmarillion as a guide.

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Sub group of the Elves of Arda above, made for the 18+ audience. The chosen moderators of the Elven places are among its members.

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Story of Galadriel

This is the story of Arda from Galadriel's point of view. Several different versions exist about it in Tolkien's writings, but I have tried to combine the most fitting ones of them. (WIP)

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