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Hey guys, Goddess here! First of all, let me break it to you that I am infact a satanist in real life. I have been on IMVU since 2008, and I have made a ton of friends and family. I have three kids in real life that are quite time consuming. I play a lot of video games on xbox one, and spend a lot of time reading and listening to music. Yeah that's about enough of me.

I am married to the love of my life, Brandyn Dares. We are together here on IMVU and also in the real world. On IMVU we have a son who we call Trigger, but his IMVU name is Blasting. We also have a daughter named Leena that goes by R0YAITY here. Lastly, for now, we have a son named Nick who goes by Activista on IMVU as well. These kids have been with us for five or more years at least. We love them to pieces.
My twin sister Jessy aka ykaerF aka Freaky has been my sister since we first met in 2008. She completes me and is of high importance to me. I have a very close relationship with her kids here on IMVU, especially with ZOMB13, and xMortuus.

My twin and I run a very large and still growing group called Servants of Sin that you can find out about on the 'Group' tab. We accept mostly everyone and are all very active. If you are interested in joining, come around and visit. Let's see how we get along!

Feel free to roam around my page, as there are hidden goodies in random spots. Feel free to add me on my social media accounts and check out my blog page and merchandise by following the picture link on the 'Support' tab. As usual please check out my shop. I always have some interesting things there, and if you would like my badges, they are below! xo


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