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Name: Iza, Furv, Or Verse
Age: 24
Status: Taken
Fursona: Nurse Shark
Sign: Libra
Religion: ††††††
Birthday: September 26, 1991
Height: 5"2 (1/2)
Hair Color: Dirty Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Born: Berlin, Germany
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♥♥You Guys Are Simply Amazing. I'm Filled With Joy To Have You All In My Life. ♥♥

You've Been My Bestest Friend Since Longer Than I Can Remember. You've Always Been There When I Needed A Friend, When I Was Suffering Of Sadness, And Always Made Me Feel So Much Better. I'll Always Be Here For You Like You Were For Me. I Owe You The Biggest Thanks For Helping Me With Developing As You Pushed Me To Try New Textures, Develop New Skills, And Sharpen My Work. You're The Best Colab Partner Everyone Needs.

[Reserved For Someone Important]

We've Been Through Alot, The Laughs And The Sads, But We've Remained Friends This Whole Time. Even thouh We live at a distance now, You'll Always Be My Bestie :>. You're The Bestest Buddy I Can Ask For Even when I'm not online all the time. I am still glad you're around when you can be. Chu're The Bestest Evah And You'll always be my best friend! P.S. I Miss You x3
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Public Base Set Starts At 20K
Custom Base Set Starts At 30K
vv Base Sets Include vv
↗↗Fur/ Hair/ Eyes/ Tail/ Ears/ Kini(s)↖↖
Additional Pieces Will Cost Extra To The Base Set
Prices For Additional Pieces Are Listed Below
Public Requests__________ Custom Requests
  • Extra Pieces+1K__________ Extra Pieces+2K

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  • Chris You're The Most Wonderful Man I've Ever Been With 2/1/14 to current date. Two Years And Growing <3 I <3 You <3
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