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MROO~ I don't get on here much but, enjoy your stay. Oh and miss you old friends. ★~(◠‿◕✿)

w e l c o m e

Greeting's and welcome to my morbidly dressed homepage.

Hey strangers, thanks for visiting my page.. So I don't really check in here much often, but I might get on to create at times/ or talk to old friends. I do get on much more often on my alt (Heartagram) but usually to work on some stuff. If you have any questions on some customs, please message me on my alt account only. Feel free to message me here about regular stuff though.

At the moment I might or might not be taking requests for custom layouts, you will just have to ask and see, as I might be busy. Prices on customs here (prices may vary):

✿ Custom Layout (12k)
✿ Custom Layout (with coding) (24k)
✿ Custom Avatar Pictures (closed)

Preview layouts:


a b o u t

My name is Ruth, but most know me as Song. I am a self taught graphic designer, I do freelance work and just do it for fun I like to paint, code, mesh building, and learning new art techniques. I also do custom work, so if you have any requests feel free to message me here or on my alt account on Heartagram.

I don't get on IMVU as much as I useto, unless I have stuff I want to make. I strictly use it for design, or to get on and talk to old friends. No harm in making new ones though so feel free to check out Lynz Room (I am usually in there when I do get on.

I'd say i'm a pretty chill person but don't get on my bad side everyone has bad sides but mine will probably have you running away.

A list of lists of thing's I like and don't like.


I pretty much listen to anything that sounds good no matter the genre.
But here are a few bands/ musicians I listen to the most.

♥ The Used
♥ My Chemical Romance
♥ Mindless Self Indulgence
♥ Akira Yamaoka (music from Silent Hill games)
♥ Depeche Mode
♥ The Cure
♥ The Knife
♥ Mayday Parade
♥ Kimbra

Most likely like random comedy, old cult favorites, some horror,
and sometimes (but very rarely) action films.

♥ Edward Scissor Hands
♥ The Nightmare Before Christmas (almost all tim burton movies)
♥ The Crow
♥ Rocky Horror Picture Show
♥ Gypsy 83
♥ Beetle Juice
♥ Hot fuzz
♥ Never Been Kissed
♥ Friday
♥ 22 Jumpstreet

TV Shows:

♥ American Horror Story
♥ Game of Thrones
♥ True Blood
♥ Always Sunny in Philadelphia
♥ Plebs
♥ Tim and Erics Awesome Show
♥ Space Dandy
♥ Wilfred
♥ Workaholics
♥ Ugly Betty


♥ Cats
♥ Art
♥ Mustaches
♥ Sense of humor
♥ Tumblr (my page Here~)
♥ Randomness
♥ Green Spaghetti
♥ Rain and thunder
♥ Hello Kitty/ & Toki Doki
♥ Sleeping
And much more I can't think of at the moment.


I'm a peaceful person, I don't hate, I may dislike/ have my own oppinions but I won't hate or keep grudges. I get over thing's pretty quickly but that also depends on what it was. So I won't make a list on what I don't like because there isn't really anything to be specific about. Just don't be a lil bitch.

f r i e n d s

I don't really get on here anymore, but I miss you all, and you know who you are.~ :3
Info here soon.

Check out my shop ~Heartagram and my friend
~Lynpai. Shop links down below.~


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