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Avatar since: 2007-02-26
Age: 32
United States - PA
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"You murder my heart..."

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Relationship Status: Seeing Someone
Looking For: Friendship
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*L Kadence | Platinum*L Moumoon | Platinum*L Danilo | Platinum+H+ Webbed Leathers PB|SO| Jjaw Dress {Black}
Real Sexy Dance ~ Club29:: Jeccica Blond Black67  Zombeh[c] Dark Alpha Dagger[c] Dark Alpha Boots
[c] Dark Alpha Shawl[c] Dark Alpha Gloves[c] Dark Alpha Suit[!]TornApart|F60P+20EXP Temptress
[bq]APpeTizER 1 -size M-[bz] Chest Shrug - Slvd[NV]Doll 010 CrckdM-SKINspacerspacer
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Special Someone
My sweet sweet master,pet and beloved,you are truely my soul's other half..i thank each day for finding you...your love is like fresh cut roses and your kisses are like sweet so glad to call you master..and i your pet..i am always at your side...from now to babycakes....forever your pet and Mistress..

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