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Avatar since: 2006-08-04
Age: 27
United Kingdom
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Rosee -aka FridgeOfDarkness- currently lives in South London, England, with her parents and a rather lively kitten, who being a smart little bundle of joy is being taught by Rosee to touchtype. She is 13 years young and enjoys chocolate buttons on sunny afternoons, whilst playing happily on the computer. Rosee is currently 5'9 and tells you to not to patronise you, or you may recieve a rather large thump on the head. Her msn is and she invites you to add her, but tell her first, she is not a great supporter of unwanted suprises.

Rosee finds many things rather spiffy including Monty Python, Doctor Who and cheese cake and not going on holidays to far off place in the British Isles where thee is an abundance of Ruins and gardan centers. However, something come to an annoyance to her such as have to clean her hovel (currently known as her "bedroom"), eating strange "foreign" things her father makes and itchiness. She also sees no point in dancing, and calls it all a load of crap, though she will steal chocolate buttons from old people if she has too.

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