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He's funny, he's cute, and i miss him alot! hes like the brother i never had =/ i love you bill!
RawrMeansIlyInDino!!! <3
Pally, She's sweet, cute, fuuny and a great friend. She's the kind of girl that you could never get mad at even if you wanted to. I love you pally!
Ben, He's cute, smart, shy, sweet, and a very caring person. If you ever need someone to talk to, He's you'r man. I love you ben!
Starr, She's crazy, fun, sweet, nice, and i enjoy every moment with her. She can always make you smile, no matter how down you are. I love you starr!
Mals, She's crazy, fun, wild, and a great friend. No matter what goes down, She's always got you'r back. I love you mals!
Danny, He's older yes, but he has a spirit as young as my own. He's my bestfriend and he always will be. If you ever need advice, you know who to talk to. I love you danny!
Steph, Though she's last on my list, she's first on my mind. <3 shes great. she makes me laugh, she makes me happy, and shes always there for me. sometimes we will have our moments where we dont see eye to eye, but in the end, we will always be there ofr one another. I love you steph!
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Im back bishes.
RawrMeansIlyInDino!!! <3
Hello. My Name`s Amanda. I hope that you enjoy my homepage. Leave me a message <3

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