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Avatar since: 2006-02-21
Age: 31
United States
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"I\'m pretty shy at first but after you get to know me fairly well. I\'m a great person. ^_^"

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Hi, welcome to my homepage, I might change the background into different background more of Sailor Mars background of the manga style. I hope you all like my recent homepage of the Fire Unicorn Called Inferno Unicorn that I found on the site. I'm a lot like Sailor Mars but not the personality or the sign. My twin sister more like Sailor Mercury =D, I'm also nice person as well. >.> Yes I'm full of humor at the times especially with my twin sister, EmpressofChaosia <.<;;; She and I have a lot of things in common and funny thing is that she like the color of blue and green and the element of water, and I like the color of red and the element of fire o.O; Don't you think that is bit odd of us to be little opposite? Probably not or it is. Just depends on your opinion of twins thing. But Remember not all the twins are the excat same personality or things but they do get a lot of things in COMMON. :D >.>; ;D Anyways, enjoy looking at my homepage and feel free to add me if you want to be my friend. ;D Oh, before I forget...remember my twin sis like water dragon and all kind of dragons and Water Guardian? Me I'm on the similiar spot as she is, but the animal is different I love horses mostly horses with fire element and all kind of creatures that horse related. Plus, I'm Guardian of Fire :D Isn't that neat? ;D I sure hope so. I love being me. ^_~

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WHOOO!! Welcome to my WISHLIST ;D I don't care if you buy me a gift from the wishlist.. I'm just puting there just to help me to remind me to get it when I have enough credits. Whew.. that's a lot of work to earn them Lol XD nah it shouldn't be that bad though Right? o.o I sure hope so. Anyways Have fun searching in my wishlist and maybe they might help you find the one you are looking for.. =O =D ;D
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