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Welcome , have a nice stay!

One last thing, I would rather that you did not add me to buddies directly, I'd rather have a chat with you before. Otherwise, it feels like groping my ass instead of asking me out. Do feel free to IM me anytime, though. Thanks.

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This is easily the best avatar picture contest in all of IMVU.
If you're into avatar pictures and outfit contests, you should definitely check it out!
Nocturnal Embassy

The Nocturnal Embassy brings together high quality 2D and 3D imvu content creators who captivate the passing soul with nightmarish, fantastic, elegant and bizarre imagery.

The somber, the dreamy and frenzied music of the imagination, becomes enjoyable designs for those who have their tastes dancing within the beauty of darkness.

You can also participate in Nocturnal Embassy's Dark Outfitters Contest,
an avatar picture contest for those of a darker persuasion.
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{F} Derivable Back Cloth{F} Visual Kei Male{F} Top Hat F Redhead

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