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Whenever I'm in trouble, my hero will come and rescue me. I want to at least experience that once.
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Looking For: Friendship

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Yea I totally have my own style. You should check it out there is some fun stuff i think.
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Aerith Hair (Neko)Aerith Neko EarsCherry Blossom ScreenMimi LaraMimi MadrugadaMimi's collar
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OMG World of Warcraft furs I LOVE IT!!!!!

Want to help me expand my outfit creations? lol
(MSS) Kitten Avatar!$[c] Ai Lala TutuNana BundleY' +NekoYuki Dress+Milano blk/prple hair
Sweetheart Boots in Red(oMay) * - Kawaii Boots(n)Moka Collar 1Key to my heartFurry Collar WOMEN
Night Butterflies   M/F[HA] Sexy Hips Dance[D2] Mr. BooLB- Lace pumps 2Rule The World (F)
PolyPose Mix and Match!spacerspacerspacerspacer

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