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what up, i'm ashley. i'm 20, half asian, and a super nerd. i like reading, studying, and video games. i love music, and metal is my favorite genre. i'm in college and i am currently majoring in Biology. i am a small time collector of action figures. i have a lovely boyfriend of nearly a year and i wouldn't trade him for the world as i am very much in love with him. if you are searching for my filth badge, it is located at the bottom of my page and you can get it with the touch of a button. please do not message me asking for my badge.
p.s. I am looking for an artist to make me a display picture. drop me a message if you make them or if you know someone who does. ty. <3
i've known Sara for years. we met on here by a stroke of luck and we've grown very close. now, i'm not very good at being sentimental, but sara has always been there for me and has always stuck by my side. i would do anything for this woman. she is the sweetest, most kind-hearted person i know. we always have such a good time together, even when she's making fun of me and calling me an asian slut. but i love her anyways <3

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