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Nyctophilia: love of darkness or night.
Relationship Status: Seeing Someone
Looking For: Friendship

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Chaos|Elegant Gown[I] Tight Bound Corset[I] Rubber Maid Skirt[I] Rubber Maid Pt Heels[I] Rubber Maid Duster
[I] Rubber Maid Collar[I] Rubber Maid Rear Bow[I] Rubber Maid Corset[I] Rubber Maid Sleeves[I] Rubber Maid Cap
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Fairae has no special someone.

My best friend I've known for years and hope for more to come. Knowing you has been definitely an experience, an honor, and a delight, my dearest. You are definitely someone unique that I treasure dearly more than the world can offer, and I can honestly say that I will NEVER take that back. I am eternally grateful for having met you truly to my heart, I meant every word. Thank you for all your support and love all this time. ~Casket Full of Roses For You and I~ ^^ I Love you with all that only a true blood bond friend holds. ~Cheers with a chalice full of blood wine to you~

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