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Hey there pal, make urself comfy.
DP made by S0UDA
The song playing is Serendipity by BTS. You should check em' out!
My Lil Cal badge is 15k bc it's normally for close friends.
Please don't haggle with me. The price is strict.
Ayy, I'm Jay. 22, pansexual,
single and not trying to mingle.
I really love spicy/fermented foods!
I'm a mix of Mexican/Bolivian/Korean
I know Spanish but not Korean
isn't that sad lol (but I'm learning! slowly..;;)
I haven't logged in for 2-3 years, so all my friends are basically gone.
It'd be nice to make some new video game, kpop, anime pals tho.
I'm p friendly and crack jokes/make fun of myself a lot.
I like Dragon Age, Fable, Minecraft and other dumb games.
If you play Overwatch on PC, you should add me!
Battlenet: Tevinter#11224
95% of them haven't logged on for some years,
so I'll add people to this as the days go by.

I've been gone so long
I have no idea which creators I like anymore.

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