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Hey there bypasser. Glad to see someone stumble across my page, I figured these went out ages ago.
I guess this is where I ramble about myself... riiiight. Okay, so.

My name is Catherine, or Cat for short. I'm currently 25 years old, happily married (in real life). So no, I don't want your pixels. Anyways, I'm a Content Creator on here, specialising in anthro texturing and developing. I have a custom shop located in my group (or you can Private Message me). I also dabble in clothing and rooms when I'm feeling inspired; as well as cute adoptables for selling to the public. Outside of IMVU, I often spend my time on Steam and Discord, unless I'm pampering my fur babies.

I've come to learn that I'm a difficult person to deal with. Not in terms of commissions, but with being a friend to others. I'm a kind hearted, loving, giving person, but I can be a cruel, rude, heartless bitch in the same breath. It's not something I'm fond of, but years of conditioning and terrible choice of friends have lead me down that path.
But as some friends would say, I hardly give myself credit. I do give my all into a relationship with my friends, and try to keep everything on an even playing field. I'm logical enough to reason out situations and handle things as best as possible. I tend to put in more then I ever get out; something I both cherish and regret.
Despite it all, I try to do my best in everything I set forth with, and aspire to improve on both my art and my relationships amongst friends.

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My dearest Jonathan.Dec. 3rd, '13; Oct. 3rd, '16
It's funny when they say you'll know when you've found your soulmate.. because surely I never thought it would be you. You were very special for me, since day one when we met; I don't know why but something about you intrigued me enough to want to know you, despite the fact that you didn't give me much to go off of to begin with.
Truth is, I can't imagine my life without you; and not necessarily because we've been together for 5 years, but because you still love and care about me without prejudice. You look past my flaws, my quirks, my moods... and you still embrace me in your arms like it ceased to happen.
What I've learned in this short amount of time we've been together is some of the best things in life can blossom from some of the most unexpected places... that there is no challenge too great, nor obstacle we can't face.
I love you ♥, and I'm so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with you. You're one of my most incredible people I've come to meet, and I'm grateful for that.

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My partner in crime, my best friend, Bunni.
You have no idea what hell you've saved me from.
You are someone I cherish so deeply, just as much as my own husband... because you've shown me how truly dedicated you are to being my friend. You've lended me your hand when I was weak, and you stood by my side when I wanted to vanish from all the sorrows. All in all, I'm so grateful to call you my best friend, simply because you're a wonderful, delightful person, and without you, I wouldn't be whole. ♥ I love you. ;3;

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IMVU Family & Friends
Waifu: Pets
Mother: N/A
Children: shebyhall, FruityLushuz, LuluBean, Hooray
Sister: Therystes

Owner: N/A
Pets: N/A

Some Pretty awesome people
Cooties ♥ Lorrai
Nematicon ♥ Kao

I pretty much love and adore all my IMVU family and friends. ♥
They fill my world with lots of laughter, silly moments and happiness; and even though we might all be from different parts of this world, you all each hold a very special place in my heart. ♥ Keep being weird, my dudes!
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DISLIKES: Ignorance, Theft, Conflicts, Rudeness, Greed, People, Terrorists, Hatred, Cheaters, Liars, Spiders >.>

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