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I do my very best to keep my icons simple and my product's kbs as low as possible.
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♪ Lovin' might be a mistake, but it's worth makin' ♫ ▼
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My Interests

I found cool Gimp lace at http://www.obsidiandawn.com !


I'm just me, I'm often too honest for my own good. I'm not interested in cybering you. I do have a few strong opinions, and since you're here reading this you must be interested, although I usually keep quiet because I don't like to argue.

I create IMVU products mostly because it is something I want for myself. I will usually create sponsored requests; this means you pay the derivation fees (1,000ish credits) and then buy the product (800ish credits) yourself. If you want something special custom done... mail me... and see the paypall link below! (I am RL and in-world POOR with a capital P.)

I love music, I always want a mix playing in the chat. I lean towards country, but I like most anything melodious, preferably vocal and ballad. Love a good love song. And good drumming is yummy! Piano or a baritone voice... dubstep wobbly drops... not fond of squeaky, high pitched, or monotonous synth drums.

I love water... beaches, oceans, waterfalls, rain, thunderstorms, swimming pools, splashing in puddles! Sunsets and sunrises and full moons and soft lighting. Green and blue and pink and purple and soft spring colors. (You didn't guess that looking at my page... did you?) I like real, honest, true people.

I despise beggars. ("It's my birthday" counts too.) I don't like role play at all. I can't stand drama. (SHUDDER) If you spam my pulse with RP drama with a little beg thrown in you will likely find yourself off my f-list. (I don't accept random f-list adds either.)

My friends call me Emi or Emily or even Emmmiiiiiii!!!!!! (I like that last one lots LOL) I don't really like being called "em" because then I'll come into a room and someone will be saying "I hate em, I want to kill em, I'm going to boot and ban and block em." I'll run away crying. Most of my friends have gotten used to spelling out the words THEM and HIM. LOL

You will most likely never see me become VIP in this or any other world, I don't feel right about trying to put myself above others. I also tend to have a knee-jerk disgust reaction to anyone with Lord-Lady-King-Queen-Prince- Princess-Emperor-Empress ect. on their name, if I was rude to you because of this I apologize.

I am becoming less and less tolerant of chat cheaters. If I'm sitting in an imvu chat room with you, I'm not in another imvu room, and I expect you not to be either. My computer just doesn't handle it well, and its rude of you to leave me sitting there typing at a blank wall. If you say BRB I think it means you're away from the computer, or at least doing PAID WORK in another tab. Your avi being in the room with me adds to my lag, and your keeping me in the room while you cheat keeps me from doing anything else on my computer.

I am a tree hugging, Goddess loving pagan who has a hard time keeping from crying when I see someone posting that they are a God fearing Christian.... how terribly sad to fear your deity. *sigh*

I try to act and react with kindness and compassion, but I am only human and frequently fail. Mostly I'm just an ornery ol biddy. I don't mean to sound harsh, I want to laugh, and dance, and joke around, and just have fun.

That's just me. But anyway......

Bright blessings, love, and peace, and compassion to you and yours. :)

▼I am a pearl beyond price * * Picking up broken pieces again * * SHY * * TOO honest * * * Hufflepuff * * * Demi-Asexual ▼ ▼ ▼ * * * I am all real- just ask * * * rather defensive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ * * * Rest in peace darling Xan </3 *11-5-79 - 11-15-17
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There is no need to thank me for my badge, instead, go take a peek in the randomness of my shop and see if there is anything you might like! And if you have a badge I would LOVE to have one of yours! XD

I am a tier six dev and I paid hard earned credits for these badges. I was a loyal creator during the time of the hacking, but not vip, and it seems continuing to submit quality products to the catalog counts for nothing with imvu. Thanks imvu. >_<

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Special Someone
EmilyGoodenough has no special someone.





I just need someone who will love me back.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
If you date me then dump me or otherwise break my heart you win a lifetime membership to the snarky reply club.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In memory of my darling Xan.
11/5/79 - 11/15/17

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


If you have so little life that you have to make a stink over me listing my best friends here, GET OFF MY PAGE!

tinkipoohbear xXxTinkerTotxXx
She's awesome!
And so is her shop!
(adopted daughter and dev protege)

And so is her OTHER shop!

My oldest daughter... and my youngest daughter...

Sometimes we may not speak for months... but always there for the years...
(adopted daughter)




Kitteh <3
RIP 11/15/17




Hard to get along with.

Most relaxing cuddle-buddy and most absorbent shoulder.
R.I.P. 4/2/15


An old crazy, but a goodie.


My best brat


pure sweetness

Wow... where did you come from?
and where did you go... again.


Sweet and sad

He made me smile again at a time when I thought I never would.


He was sweet...
(I think he either went blind or died RL.)




She's just a babe!

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My Room
Go to my Low Lag Chat
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I hate making room rules. The main rule is : BE NICE!
Corollary rules:
If someone says "lagging", drop some kbs.
The word "rape" is a bootable offence, unless it is proceded by "I was" ... in which case it is acceptable unless it turns out to be role play, in which case it is a BANNING offence.
I am real and I expect you to be too, so no roleplay drama in my room please.
No rap music, because it is my room and I said so! :P

My Wish List
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Wedding Gown - champagne[Ry] Alch Shelves[RC]Hermione-Top[RC]Hermione-RL!T! Lavender Field Room
[RC]Dress-219K|BubbleCrown!Crop Tank | Black Acid[JAX] BLACK SKINNY RL[JAX] BLACK HALT ME
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