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Life is a tough road, worth taking. A.T.G Always. ||| IG @elz.vu ||| DP by Elz
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Hey welcome to my page. Yeah About me... well...
I love the arts! I love singing, drawing, painting, computer graphics, you name it. So in real i'm a qualified Graphic Designer, used to be a Caterer but have now found my dream job working in schools assisting students to achieve their best! xD In my spare time from full time work, I play DnD, computer games and also create jewellery/art/crafts etc. Stupidly working on chainmail one link at a time! haha

On IMVU i'm a Pro Model, so if you have questions I'm happy to help! (you can view my portfolio here) I'm also a creator mostly in clothing products. I'm generally able to check messages daily, so If you have any questions you're welcome to send me one xD

Anyways, if you wish to know more just ask =) Elz x

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Hey welcome to my page. Below are some of my favourite developers on imvu feel free to check out their awesome products! Also what do you think of my pretty stickers lol... hmmm not much to see yet...

Smoked Mirror, where creativity is at home



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