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Yes, I'm an editor. Message for info.

Hey, I'm Sam. Thanks fa dropping by.
Feel free to snag my badge. The image is subject to change.

My People:
❤ Wifey ❤
My day 1! I love this girl with my entire being. We've known each other for like 6 years or some shit, met irl alladat. We've had our ups and downs, but nothing has ever kept us apart except physical distance. She's possibly the most real and genuine person I've encountered on vu or irl. Thats rare af. She is a fkn unicorn. Can't ever be replaced or duplicated. This my mfkn bitch.
❤ Best ❤
Since the day I molested her bellybutton, she's been my down chick. I love her past the moon! She's crazy, beautiful, smart, and one of the most chill human beings I've ever fkn met.
❤ Himie ❤
This mf... -.- I'm only kinda kidding. He's SPOILED! But thats my best friend. He's allowed to be spoiled a little bit. He's always got my back and I can get his honest opinion about anything. Love u mf.
❤ Brother ❤
Oh brother, the things you've helped me get past. I miss you btw, come back? You're a beacon of light when my shit has consumed me. It's crazy. Them GOOD genes thoooooo.
❤ Gee ❤
This guy should charge me to talk to him. I'm always bitchin to him about something. Guess he's my damn therapist. I got so much love for him! He started as my ex's friend, then I slick took him. Now he's mutual, but totally more on #TeamSam.
❤ Fav ❤
Fav my babe! Your crazy matches mine! Ily sm. The night I met you was possibly the nuttiest you've seen me lol but that night set our friendship in concrete! I'll always be here for you, if ever you need me!

Hit me up for your edit needs.
I'd love to chill with you.
I don't accept random adds.
I don't mind if you follow my location.

Links on my page are purple

❤ FAQ ❤
Q: Are you price flexible?
A: No.

Q: How much are your edits?
A: 10k+ Check my edit album for more specific pricing.

Q: Will you send me a gift?
A: No.

Q: Can I chill with you?
A: Hell yeah! Come thru. My location is always shown.

Q: Will you send me credits?
A: No.

Q: Do you ever have sales?
A: I haven't but I have considered it

Q: Will you be my gf/bae/side chick/etc.?
A: Awh, you're adorable. I'm flattered. ;) But no.

Q: Will you be my mom?
A: Why?

Q: I heard you did an edit for someone I know cheaper than you said your prices are. Do you do discounts?
A: Only for family and close friends.

❤ Fairy ❤
A little about me.
I'm 31 years of age.
I reside in Tennessee.
I have two beautiful, amazing daughters irl.
I'm into jus doin me.
Mindin my business and sittin up under myself.
Drama seems to flock to me. I'm not sure why, because it's not even my drama, but people dump they bullshit in my lap fa whatever reason.
I'm a sweetheart, for the most part. Don't push me tho.
I got my squad and I stay in it mostly, but I'm down to meet new people and chill.
I like to turn up, I like to chill and vibe df out too.
Depends on my mood how u finna catch me.

Welcome to my Homepage. If you want an edit, send me a message. Read my FAQ section before asking any questions.

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