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Welcome to my homepage! I hope that you will explore and find some products that will enhance your IMVU experience. On IMVU, I work to develop unique products which reflect my vintage tastes but also a modern sensibility and tend to work on whatever inspires me at the time. Furniture was my first love, along with home accessories, but I also enjoy making jewelry, hair, and rooms!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or issues you have with a product. Leaving a bad review without contacting me will not help me to resolve an issue, so please contact me first. My goal is to provide great value and excellent customer service!

To learn more about available products and where to see them on IMVU, please click on the Products tab.

Please call me Ely or Elys. I have been a creator on IMVU since August of 2008, which has given me a wonderful creative outlet, not to mention an excuse to drink martinis!

I have a great interest in several vintage eras, including Victorian and Steampunk, but most recently my passion has been Art Deco (and by extension Steamdeco). I collect far too many things, including Art Deco cocktail manuals, vintage film posters, MGM lobby cards, Deco Miami postcards, and 30's Crime Club novels. I also have an enduring love for anything hand lithographed... a depression-era tomato can label has been known to make me swoon!

Oh, and I generally have chocolate :)

People I wholeheartedly support and who have supported me with their kindness, knowledge, and generosity. Check out their fantastic catalogs of products and buy/wishlist their products!

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My thanks to Tasha and Gaf210 for their fine work on the graphics and coding for this page <3

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