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Special Someone
ElijahNugger has no special someone.

Although we have had our ups and downs, we have remained close friends. Truly there when needed to speak to and a fantastic Doctor for DPMC. Love ya Serena (Brat XD)

♥ President of DPMC's Sister Charter in Alabama. We have a strong connection that no one can break. She has always been there when needed and I love her dearly! Thank you President Jen for everything you do and continue to do! ♥ !

♥ Vice President of the Mother Charter in Nevada for DPMC. Known as "Mofro" on Mc Tv Live! I have known Paige for a very long time, she has had many names but no matter what happens she will always be my Mofro. Her commitment to the MC and to her family is second to none. I love you always Paige ♥ !

♥ Enforcer for the Mother Charter of DPMC. He has a monthly segment on Mc Tv Live to tell us about movies. He has been a true and loyal brother for over a year and a half. He takes all of what is said as a joke and is very special to me. I love you brother Billy ♥ !

♥ The Chaplin of the Mother Charter of DPMC. She has a truly beautiful soul. She has been there for allot of problematic times i have had in the past. I am there for her like she is there for me. A woman who represents what DPMC is all about at all times. Family. She told me to "fuck off" once and it made me smile to see how much she has come out of her shell. I love you Andalee ♥ !

♥ Known as "Bitches" on Mc Tv Live! She made a major impact on me when i first got on call with her. She moaned loud and proud and she is always random. I love that! ♥ !

♥ This is my Cutesie Niecey! Known as "Wiggles" on Mc Tv Live! She is the cutest thing you will ever meet. First time i met her i was afraid of stepping on her. Now, my heart melts when i see her. If you are allergic to adorableness then you are going to #RIP ♥ !
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