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Age: 31
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"I'm not accepting random adds."

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elerras furry commissions
Custom Average Full Fur Set: 20k or $20 (Public fur set: 20k and gifted, or 15k and you buy.)
Includes Fur, Kini, Hair, Eyes, Ears, Tail.
+3k / $3 to each add on piece (For posting, gifting, and extra time spent in doing so.)

Custom Add On's To Already Made Public Furs: 5-10k or $10(Added tax) each
Will be display only, gifted to buyer

Public Requested Add On's: 2-3k or $5(Added tax.)
Made for public furs; 1k for posting, and enough for gifting~

Custom Designed Fur: 30-35k or $25-30 (Due to complexity; will be higher but within fair pricing.)
Custom designed fur to fit your needs or from your own designs.
Is average full fur set; designed by myself with your color choosing, items of your choices, and will be gifted to you and displayed only in my shop.

You will be shown your fur and asked for payment, if you fail to give payment the fur will either be made public (if it is my design and not your own) or will be destroyed. If you try to take back payment after receiving the fur, the fur will be blackened. You will no longer be able to use it, or it will be made public.

Display pictures: 20k upfront with picture desired. 5k for added animation. Examples within this link or simply check my albums.:

Simply message me. No need to add me. Can also visit my room if you really want a face to face conversation. I'm always in my public room.
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