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DutchTigerLady Creations

Welcome to my Homepage,
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♥ Hair style for male and female
♥ Trigger music
♥ Clothing and shoes
♥ Rooms and furniture
When you have a questions or option dont hesitate to send me a message.
Have a nice day

About me

I am DutchTigerLady , in 2009 my adventure on IMVU started.

That year also the love for designing started. The first designs are stuff for in the rooms, shortly after that i started making rooms and stickers.

A few years later i started with hairdesigns, music-triggers, tattoo's and also different kinds of jewelry.

I also make stuff on order, ask what you want, nothing is to crazy.

Besides creating i also like to chat with people, and if needed i could help with different stuff.

If you have any questions or options, dont hesitate to send me a message, thank you for reading

My Love ♥

❄ Winter Timbs F❄ Winter Jacket❄ Winter Jeans RLSALLIE V2 Doll LashesALLIE V2 Head Doll Lash
❄ WINTER Boots❄ WINTER Full Outfit💕S. VALENTIN Heels💕S.Valentin Bundle F💕S.Valentin Bundle F
Light Dress XL*  Pearl Nails Rings👫 BROWNIS Bundle FZELL MH +Lip&Liner clr.2JOY2 Any Skin M Head clr
ck. Gigi Head- No BlendMakeup ZELL BloodlineKarma EarringsAmira EarringsMay I Take Your Order?

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