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♥“Happy Holidays”♥
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Looking For: Friendship
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Creative Quality Products, Custom textures made by Me. I Don't share or sale Texture Files. If you have a question about a product feel free to message me. I'll try to help. Have Fun Shopping :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Notice of My New Policy for Requests and Custom Requests Due to some imvu jerks that think it's up to me to shop as well as create for free, I'm posting my new Policy below. Requests will now be charged 5000 credits none refundable fee before i start any projects for everyone except a few that have faithfully picked up products they've requested. You find and pick out your own product mesh you want created before asking me to create something in the colors you want. (I Do Not Shop For You) then you pick up in the catalog with dev fee's and product price added. I do not work for Free and i do Not Kiss A** so do not bother asking me too. for Custom Requests a 25000 credit fee will be charged up front and i will Gift to you when finished. And set to display only so no one else may purchase it. for both Custom and Request i will still continue 2 viewings of the product for any changes before I'm finished. this is to ensure I'm paid for my time even if you decide you don't want what you requested. Thank-You Dreamylyn
!D Classy Christmas Sp!D Christmas Gift Grp P!D Blue Modern Rug!D Blue Winter Shelf!D Blue Candy Kisses!D Christmas Nutcracker
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........................................................................................................................ For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
imikimi - sharing creativity
♥ My Carolee My Angel♥ One Last Hugg One Last I Love You ♥ ♥1-28-2021 Keeper5 family♥ Badges on my Home Page. Enjoy♥ Make today so fabulous that yesterday will be jealous.♥ Life is Precious Treasure it and those who stand beside you.♥
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Fur Coat Pink Becky !!elegant  heels[JR] Sweater Top Blue*R* Fur wrapAUTUMN CRUSH TOP
~F~Wild Dark RL{J}Keith Sweat- TwistedFunny Action FF01-05Island Cabin FloatWV: Dionisa Black
WV: Angela BlackBroken HeartsvilleI Told You SoWhite Lion Blanket! Plastic Dress RLL
Vestido Pink Sabrina 2spacerspacerspacerspacer
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******************************************************************* dedicating stay with me to a very special friend. you've been my anchor when i needed a calm place to be, you reached out and we connected in the millions of ppl all around us, finding one another we became true friends. i'm with you my dearest friend each step of this journey where ever it leads. your not alone not now not ever. i love you.
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