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♥One Love♥
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My stats: 47, mother of 3, step-mother of 2., step-grandma of 2 beautiful children, grandmother of three wee beasties I adore, Auntie to many, and sis to MANY more. I have been blessed with the love of a large, complex, and diverse family for which I am grateful.

Occupation: webdesigner, IMVU Content Creator, starving artist, producer, consultant, etc. I have a variety of interests and obligations in many areas of life.

Favorite color: purple

Favorite movies: Erin Brockovich; Fried Green Tomatoes (just to name 2)

Favorite books: Memnoch The Devil by Anne Rice (Vampire Chronicles series), Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander series)

Favorite band: I don't have one. If they're good, they're good. If they're not, they're not.

Favorite type of music: Depends on my mood...anything from classical & jazz to metal or reggae.

People I admire: My mother, Michaelangelo (for both his art and his endurance to create his masterpiece), Leonardo Davinci, Albert Einstein (of course), and any other individual who's ever taken the hard knocks life can throw at them, gotten up, dusted themselves off, and given it another whirl.


  • If I'm developing a new item for submission to the catalog or if I'm away from my desk, I usually set my IMVU Preferences to "Do Not Disturb (stealth mode)" or "Create" so I'm not intentionally snubbing or avoiding anyone, chances are, I'm not even at the computer. Sometimes I am already in a chat, so if I happen to decline your invitation, it's nothing you should take personally. I will answer you here on IMVU as able to do so but I am only human so please be patient with me.

  • If you purchased a product, but it hasn't shown up in your inventory, sometimes IMVU servers experience a bit of a delay in updating customer inventories (usually no more than 12 hours from time of purchase). Otherwise, it's possible that there was some sort of glitch in the system and your purchase transaction didn't go through as shown. Either way, if you paid for it and you didn't get it, you should file a Help Ticket with IMVU.

  • Also, for informational purposes, once a developer submits an item to the catalog, the developer themselves does not have control over product delivery whatsoever. (Off-site purchases do not apply in this instance...those are personally delivered for the most part.) Although the developer MAY be able to assist in getting a response from IMVU in regards to purchase issues, they actually have no more control over the situation than the customer. All purchase transactions go through the IMVU servers and are under the control and administration of IMVU.com . If you have a question or problem with a product, as in the past, please feel free to contact me directly.

  • Looking for a DreamWeaver1 mesh? Sometimes even I can't keep up with them all! You can just about bet you'll find it over at IMVUDerivables.com. Click HERE to check out my page at IMVUDerivables!