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Welcome to DotCrisp's Page.
I am here as a Content-Graphics-Designer and do take requests for custom stuff.
For crisp textures you know where to look for// .
My likes when it comes to design is both hot and sweet, you know sugar, spice and everything nice along with a dash of naughty and a hint of ginger ;]
I am not new to graphics, a degree with experience always comes handy when designing. So I am open to taking requests and this profile code like mine, I can code for you^^.
So send me a message and will see to it that it wont go un-noticed Most importantly, my catalog is updated daily so dont forget to check out the new stuff before everyone grabs it!
Lastly, dance good stay awesome and keep loving.


.C| White Fluff Paws |.C| Kitty Paws |.C| Daddy Collar req.C|Alexandria Sweatshirt.C| CorsetYM Princessa Outfit
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