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❤ Welcome to my homepage ❤ Thank you for visiting my homepage. I hope you like it, please don't hesitate to ask me anything you like, just not about sexual topics, i keep those things preferly private. All you want to know is for now. Thank you very much, and please don't randomly add me if i don't know you. I'd like to know the person first bit more then just adding right away. As follows i keep my real life and IMVU from here separated from relationship status or no relationship at all, nothing is really forever right? I meant in that way we should act as ourselfves not as someone you're not. Since IMVU isn't the real life, you can do whatever you wish. My hobbies are digital art, editing pictures, making photos, and sporting and fashion, and an animal lover. i love Huskies and pugs they are my kind of favorite dogs in the entire universe. I like music as in Dark electronic industrial music and metal music and symphonic metal music & Celtic musics.

Hello, my name is Sheila Lantang, i am half Indonesian but born in Netherlands. nice to meet you.

Friends? I got too many online friends. Except that in real life 😂 but i am pretty fine with it.

Closed / Check my other account for my shop on IOpheliaI which i still use for to create stuff on it. ^_^

Support my shop on IOpheliaI by buying one of my products and review them ty ^^

☠ Currently no updates ☠
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