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Thanks for stopping in for a little stalk by. I am a creator and I love to hang out and talk about random things at random times. I can be over all silly and at times a bit hyper and crazy. I do my own thing and I love to game and draw so at times I can be found being rather distracted, hehe.

I am a snugly goof person often times. I can be overly blunt and sarcastic at times, and I can get fiery. I am sweet to those who earn a way closer to my heart and I can be a brat at times to others. I am a masochist, an exhibitionist, a doll, and a little. I am a southern girl so I love trucks and to get down and dirty, but I am trying to learn to be a bit more girly. I ride a motorcycle and I love the feeling of the road beneath me and a chuck of hot metal under my control as I ride through the wind. I like tinkering things occasionally, engines, electronics, but I do not really know all that much about them unless I have someone guiding me. I am a truck driver so I am not home as often as most.

BDSM Status:
Not at all.
Very Important People in my life ♥

This is my sissy and bestie ever.

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