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Avatar since: 2006-03-09
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"~~~$$$Life is Wonderful$$$~~~"

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SHANTEL | DiAM0ND RiNG*pH* Flory Black*pH* Breana Black*pH* Palbry Black*pH* Greene Black
[H] Realistic green  Fn: sunrise sky blue F[KISA]MoonlightEyes!b Kaylah Head!S! Felicity Head
[RGB] Passionate HeadROCK Barbie World HeadSexy HeadReina Head Derivable[8O8] STEP lT UP *dance*
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Special Someone
Damn baby we been through so much and u and I are still rock. I love you for the man you are and the way you make time to love me. I will always be ur YT :)ing. Love you Kisses!!!!!!!
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IMVU Shopaholics Anonymous

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Modeling Agency PRO`S

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Grown N Sexxi

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V4NY Fan Club!

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IMVU Top Royal Models

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