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Welcome to my page! Feel free to click around and take my badges.

If you're new to creating join my group, we offer tutorials and contests withs a credit prize for new creators

My group New School Developing

Hey there!  Thanks for visiting my page. I've always considered myself a creative person, but had never found my niche. When I joined IMVU, I spent a majority of my time in the shop looking at different fashions and designs. I was hooked! I knew straight away that I wanted to make my own. ​

I was so full of ideas I couldn't wait to see them completed. My journey started out in furniture, unfortunately (or most likely fortunately) this was not my strongest point. When I finally moved on to clothing I knew this is where I wanted to stay. ​

I set myself goals from the very start. First to reach 10 products, then 20 and so forth. I wanted to see an improvement with each upload. If I didn't see an improvement then I wouldn't upload. If I wouldn't wear it, then I wouldn't upload it. I was inspired from the very start by some of the amazing pro developers, mainly one called Anry. Her texture work is perfect and I aspire to reach her quality. ​

I create constantly, looking for new techniques, tips and tricks and I hope to share these with new creators. My advice for new creators is practice makes perfect! Oh, and keep your first outfit. You'll be surprise just how far you go. I still like to show off my first one, even though it's embarrassing but it is worth it when I see how far I've come and I now wear each of my creations with pride. ​

I like to think I'm approachable, friendly and willing to help others. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Please look around, support me by checking out my shop!


Do you make customs?
Why yes I do!

Do you make dp's?
No, unfortunately my skills are limited there

How long does a custom take?
I will try my best to get your custom outfit done within one to two days

How much do customs cost
The cost depends on what you are asking for, I charge for a basic outfit that will be yours only around the 2000cr mark, you will have a choice to either purchase it as a one off creation, or you can allow me to sell it in my shop making it available to the public and you can purchase it for shop pricing.

If you ask me for a custom and I hear no response from you for two to three weeks, I will release the item for public sale.

No refunds on any purchase in my shop. You are prompted with a popup before purchasing, you clicking the continue button is not my fault.


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Feburary 2018

Feb's contest is coming to end soon. Submit your entries by the end of the month for your chance at a credit prize!!

January 2018

My group has has a redesign, check it out for competitions, games and fun

Happy New Year!

Due to some computer issues, tutorials will be slow to come out as well as new creations
Thank you for your patience

December 2017


I will be taking a break over the Christmas period and will return in the New Year.

A three part detailed Introduction to Creating has been added to my group!

My group has had a name change! You can now find it as DestinySoulthief Tutorials

Merry Christmas!
Check out my christmas collection in store

A shoe tutorial has been added to my group

November 2012

More tutorials have been added!!

New tutorials have been added, include snake skin, camouflage and a basic corset!

A tutorial on creating a zipper has been added to my group as well as a tutorial on creating a ribbon bow

Hair tutorials have been added to my group, including texturing and baby hair!

New eye tutorials have been added to my group!

29 October 2017

A new post featuring some helpful tools has been added to my website, can get there via my group!

October 2017

Halloween bundles in store now, including matching Hunter bundles for couples

Custom Requests are now open, please send me a message with your request and I'll get back to you ASAP

Derivable Medieval Gown

Derivable Victorian Gown

Derivable Wedding Dress

Derivable Egyptian Goddess

Derivable Pant Suit

Derivable Sheath Dress

Derivable Hoodie and Shorts

Derivable Party Dress

Derivable Hoodie and Flares

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