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PSA: Due to Covid and ban on traveling, it will have to be IMVU only unless Australian too, but for now I much rather keep to IMVU only includes friendship Welcome to my 2nd account free-create-button
This is my MAIN account
Hello, my name is Danae I was born and raised in Victoria Australia I am a self confessed Geek. I love Anime, Manga, Asian Dramas and mermaids. I like to think myself as approachable and kind and I always try find positive in everything and make others smile, but I donโ€™t take anyone shit nor can deal with people that donโ€™t act mature and decent.. AKA just be you and chill and I wont need to be a cunt I love cute pastel kawaii stuff and rainbows, pink unicorns, mermaids etc and on the other spectrum I love dark, morbid thing, blacks, coffin death and murder taste/interest wise.. I stick to being me and not someone I'm not, im real life style is Causal Rockabilly (just need to practice makeup skills lol but my hair is to long and thick to be styled) so I just love wearing the clothes :) My music taste is bipolar, Cheesy 80โ€™s to Rock/metal etc there is no in between, so when you see my avatar on here, pretty much the same ill be dressed in black or pink and girly
They know whom they are, or just look on my main account @ Heavenlee if your are that nosey

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