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Hello, im Danni from Australia in Victoria, a little more about me, I often describe myself as an extreme introvert, that normally keeps to myself or stay quiet in a room with many people, as I like 2-3 people then you'll see my personality shine. I find myself creating on here to express my creative side, for the most part I am friendly till give me a reason otherwise then I will express my feelings. I would say I am a bit of a geek, I will Geek out to various things, such at anime,Monster high or Mermaids maybe a few other things too. My tastes are very much bipolar I got from cutesy pink to black dark as in skulls or rainbows, and even same goes for my music tastes I love good old cheesy classics of the 80s but opposite end I do like my rock, and lil bit industrial and couple guilty pleasures.

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