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Hello! welcome to my homepage, as some of you my dear visitors have notice, all of my items are on display only you may wonder "why?" well I decided to not sell them anymore, ever. That's it.

I appreciate all of my dear fans and people who dared to be dark and bought my items and I also appreciate the people who intend to purchase my items but cannot, my APOLOGIES for that, but as I respect all of you, I have to ask for some understanding in my decision and please don't be mad at me, its my choice and right. If you try to reach me and contact me and I don't answer your messages, Please forgive me and be a little patient or sadly your messages are "for friends only" (so will be impossible for me to contact you back). I come online time to time to chill or check what's new, but that's it for me, no more creations for me.

I'm really thankful with everyone for all these awesome years and all the lovely messages and reviews on my products, I really appreciate it, they were the real fuel and motivation to do my best as a IMVU creator. THANK YOU

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Daru a.k.a Dartvot.
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1- Timmy forever <3

2- Thanks for the visit =P.

3- I love cakes


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