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Without light, there can be no shadow
Brightest blessings, darkest greetings, and welcome. I am Darkness's Angel (aka Angel). My page is currently undergoing some reworking, a few things will be changing so hang in there with me. Thank you for visiting.


P.S. I just want to let you know now, before you leave a message, that I am a busy woman. If you leave me a message, please do not be offended if i do not reply right away. I get one day off a week, and try to keep up the best I can. Thank you for your patience.

Rules for my page:
1) No begging
2) No spam messages, I will report you. This is your warning.
3) Be kind and respectful, this will get you far.
(New rules)
4) Do not invite me to chat then ask if you can make me an avatar picture for credits. The answer will be no.

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If you are going to add me, please leave me a message to let me know. I don't always look at that section of my buddy list. Thank you.

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