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Avatar since: 2006-03-19
Age: 43
United States - KS
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"Happy New Year"

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Relationship Status: Single
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darklion25 got their Neopet at

I know, I know, I have a lot of stuff on my wish list. This is, however, primarily a reminder for myself of stuff I want for when I have spendable creds. =^_^=
Do|FantasySKIN|TAINTED 2Do|GoldenRodFAIRY|SKIN[S] Metallic - Red[S] Metallic - Purple(PX)Long Choker PVC [R]
Purple rubber skinRed rubber skinSube xSubah Moonlight*P* Tempted RED*W* Showgirl Crown Red
*W* Moulin Rouge Red*P* CyberGothRed*W* Jazz Clubspacerspacer
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