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DCSlayer  VIP Club Member
Avatar since: 01/23/12
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Age: 30
United States - WI
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D tends to lure unsuspecting victims with his music, and physical charms. D's appearence is usually that of a human, with slight demonic features like wings, small horns or possibly a tail, although he can change his appearence to whatever he pleases. Ever since se was born, D has two personalities and because of this, he has been treated like an outcast. It seems he is both good & evil, one minute he can be happy and random then the next a cold killer. He tends to be mostly quiet, reclusive, and independent. While training, Djing, exploring, creating, and communing with the world around him he can find himself, for a moment. D feels an aversion to crowds and the shallowness of empty conversation. He does not think highly of most people, considers them weak & ignorant. He doesnt even really like people... but wants to be accepted by them. There may be few people he tolerates, or even likes... However, se really has no love for them
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