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Hi, My name is CryztallisedDesigns, I have been playing IMVU for 8 years and have been a creator for most of those 8 years. I love everything about creating, it has become a very important part of my life. I have a very extensive catalog with nearly 4000 products, everything from clothing (both men and woman), rooms, furniture, accessories, hair, and customs. I create a wide variety of different styles, sizes, and many different colors. In addition, I also offer meshes for both adult and children's clothing, accessories and much more. I'm Co Founder my own group called Delightful Hearts Production. I do shows for parties or any special occasions. For more information please send me or xCinnx a message in game. GA or AP performances are available. Thank you for visiting my page. ​ Crystal

Baby girl Brooklyn has a heart of gold. she never takes side unless she know the truth or listens to both sides of the story I love you bbg your a strong minded women :)

Dj my son your a wonderful person through and through. I see you light up when ever you get to spend time with your sister Brooklyn. You're always there for her when she is on. Mama loves you son xoxox

I have known Bro IZO for at least 6 years we both were in the Virgins Performance Artists. We lost touch and found each other again and today I am very proud og my Bro Zane he is amazing with everything he has archived over the years. Please check his his website out you will be amazed. https://tzanewright.wixsite.com/products

My Bro he is so loving and caring of others He is there when anyone need help or advice love you Bro xoxox

Sis is a loving very caring women she is strong and will help you any way she can. She was my teacher on imvu when learning to be part of Virgins Performing Artists. She is the best teach for that love sis your like a real sister to me love you dearly sis xoxox

Sis liv is and amazing women we are like two peas in a pod always there for each no matter what happens. Love you sis dearly xoxox

First a good friend, forever, 'till the end, But now you're more than that.... You being so sweet Quickened my heartbeat, And I'm so glad that we met.... It doesn't take a while For you to make me smile, In my thoughts you're always near, You fill me up with joy Unlike any other man, I know you'll always be here... Yet you're so far away, I know you are thinking of me, I long for your smile, your touch... But even so I thought you should know.... Sweetie, I love you so much ♥♥♫♫

Picture coming soon....