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Developing for Dummies

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**Fantastic Fantasy**

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IMVU Updates Alpha

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Stunning Developers

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MysticFalls of Wisdom

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the wishlist and more

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DarienLeonhart's Productions

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The Mystic Falls Royal Family

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Mystic Falls High Council

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Inferno Family

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VisionSeer Designs

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Sensual Phonomenal Style

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Pro. Designers

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Rachoyu Productions

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IMVU Requests - ElectrikCat

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*~The Otherworld RP~*

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Queen Dragoness BundleLantern ArchonCym Green Dragon! L! Astarte BundleATS~Anim Butterfly Wings
[P]Crane Set |POceana Outfitt BundleGold Archangel WingsFinally SpringDragon's Breath Red M/F
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AVATAR CHILD MODEL+ Agile Kuro Feet +60% ShortC- Pammoli Moon! Bumble Bee +Bundle+

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