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Welcome to my homepage. Enjoy your stay and leave a message :)


Couture•The production of high-end, custom-made clothing.

Amor•This is the word for "love."

CoutureAmor @ IMVU DOT COM!!

Updates shall we <3

08 -14- 2010 - New homepage that I LOVE. Workin on making it mine :)

Q. Did you make your page?
A. DAYUM you think I got that kinda skill? HECK NO She did!
Q. Are you single?
A. Yes, yes I am.
Q. OMG w3hut a3re DOIN W3t Diis?
A. Take a typing class retard.
Q. Can I have credits?
A. Sure, go get a job get a credit card and buy some.
Q. Why are you such a bitch?
A. I'm not. I just tell things as they are damit.
Q. WHY DID YOU STEAL (insert what I stole here) from me?
A. STOP MAKING DRAMA. I don't steal 110% original.
Q. Why don't we talk anymore?
A. I have a life outside of the internet that comes first!
Q. Can I call / see you sexy?
A. Nope IMVU and real life is VERY seperate.
Q. You wanna make my bed rock?
A. Thats a terrific song ;)
Don't ask the name of the song. JUST ENJOY IT <3

Shawty I know this ain't how you are usually I wanna know all the things you can do to me I can't lie girl, your body's smokin' And you're so silent, yet so outspoken Cause you're a lady in the streets but freak in the sheets Keep going and going and goin, here we go You can put me in a trance and i wanna see you belly dance Do it like shakira in the video And you make it so good ima put you in my ride Droptop let ya see the full moon You got enough to make me say

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