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Age: 28
United States - NY
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Sup, welcome to my page. Ahh... how do you do these things, OH RIGHT! ,uhh... I live in New York? Woohoo?. Ehh... I really love listening to Music, It’s all I do!... Literally xD!. I listen to anything really, but I mostly listen to Post-Hardcore, Emo, alternative Rock, PunkRock/Punk, Pop, and Electronic. Drawing is also one of the things I’m really into, like Abstract art/Fashion designing and shizz xD. If I had to describe myself as a person I’d say I’m Dorky, random, spontaneous, Moody, Emotional, energetic, and artistic. My favorite colors are Neon Green and Purple... and Black even if it isn’t a color.

Random Facts!

-I love the smell of freshly cut grass

-I talk to myself when no ones around x]

-No I do not or have never watched American Idol!

-I have a ferret and his name is Sammy ^_____^

-I think turtles are adorable

-I like Tea.

Page rules

-Don’t ask me for codes.

-Don’t ask me for music.

-Don’t send me chain mails (you know what happens).

-Don’t beg, I don’t really give a damn if it’s your birthday or not.

-Don’t take my graphics. Every graphic image on my page is done by me.

Have a nice day! :D

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