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Check out some skins I've worked on here in PoetOne's catalog.

{c}Thorie SkinTightJeans{c} Thorie Backless Top{c} Thorie Pumps{c} Ribbon Pumps (Tan){c} Ribbon Pumps (Teal){c} Ribbon Pumps (Red)
My Friends (10)

BFN 1/12/10
Bye boys and girls... I think I'm done for now. Take care and kisses. bye for now Charmy

New Products? 10/05/08
Something for the boys? Maybe.... working on some male skins. Tattooed. I'll have them out as soon as I figure out what colors to do... or maybe I'll put one out and let you choose. Interested? Drop a line.
My background isn't completed... but I'm excited to show it... so it'll be updated by major progress... All the Thorie collection will be present.
Basic Brief Monday September 29
Hello. I'm Charmy, welcome to my page. This will eventually be filled with updates on my products, projects and overall anything that is somehow related to this account and my developing.

My Wish List
*AZ* Potty Dance[69s] HOT TUB *Animated*(ID) BeanPillow & 5Poses[ACS] POTTED PLANT 3-Black Dinning Table
$Klee Small SOMBREMidnight RyokoSwim Trunk STRIPE BLACK*M~ Jade Midnight[K] Ebony Liye
[GW] Vamp LusciousCute Boy Head 5[LF] LadySerious PumpsValentinos Aquarium AnimSyn-MinakoGothBlack
*DGC Natalie Blackspacerspacerspacerspacer
Cool New People

Questions I get asked most often about my IMVU life.

Can I add you to my buddy list?
I do not add people I have not chatted with yet. If you've added me and I reject your invitation, more than likely it's because of that.

OMG your products are so cool, can you make me one?
Yes I can, right now I'm mostly making tattooed skins. If you have a great idea for something though, leave me a message and I will be willing to discuss more with you. (keep in mind that prices vary by difficulty level

I love your webpage, can you make over my page?
I might be able to. Leave me a message with a description of what you want it to look like and we will go on from there.
Again prices vary by difficulty level and backgrounds may or may not be included. (no I won't be needing your password but you might need to get a hosting site.)

How do you make your webpage?
Sometimes I just use the panels made available by IMVU and repurposed by me & other times I use an HTML editing program and make custom IFRAME pages.

OMG your products are so cool, can you give me one?
No. I give out gifts based on my timeline and moods.

Can you give me credits?
No. Ask me this and you might just get reported.


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