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I like fantasy/magic/fanfic roleplay. ‘rarely' adult roleplays but incentive helps
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship

Hey there... As said above... I'm a 21 year old
female canadian! YAY CANADA!!!! Anyway...
I live with my parents (-_-" Unfortunetely), my
brothers, and my baby girl! I'm currently on my
college placement working in a school as an
Educational Assistant... There I work with students
ages 11 to 13... Or grades 7 and 8. As much trouble
as this age group can be... I love my job... even
though I don't get a cent out of it...

Besides being on here and at work I role play on various
sites around the internet... one of which I'll talk about a
little later on. I also enjoy editing pictures, hanging with
my two best friends Leigha (MistressVixen) and Jessie (Izaria)... And of course, hanging out with my BABY GURL!

That's my baby girl down there... isn't she the CUTEST little thing you've ever seen? Her full name is Lilly-Anna Angel but we just call her Lilly, pest, nuisance, fuzzy one, turdball, fuzz face, or clumbsy... -_-" Yes... I have a clumbsy cat... says so on the window of my car... the one with her face indent in it...

My 'Main' Avatar on this site is also one of my role playing characters... This specific character is for Rembrant... To learn more about her... read her profile below...

Name: Adelina (Meaning noble, kind or winged or all of the above. ^_~)

Nickname: Addy Or The Chaotic Angel

Age: Looks 16 (Real Age Unknown)

D.O.B (Date Of Birth): Unknown

L.O.B. (Location Of Birth): Though not many people know it, she was born on Lost Jerusalem.
Gender: Female

Species: Once again, known by few people, she is an angel.

Appearance: Long violet hair, sometimes tied in a ponytail but down the rest of the time, pale skin, blue catlike eyes, and pointed ears. Wears a light teal leotard that cuts off at the ankles and wrists. A teal shirt that cuts off just above the stomach with a v-neck and wavy short sleeves and a short teal skirt covers the leotard. She wears knee high teal boots with slight heels to them. She wears small teal jewelled earrings and a white teardrop necklace.

Personality: Very negative personality, always looks on the dark side of things, cares deeply about others but often doesn't think that she can do anything to help them, will fight if she or those she cares about are in danger. She seems to have a slight grudge against humans.

Affiliation (Good/Neutral/Bad): Neutral Good

Current Home: The Durandal, before that she just travelled hitching rides on ships.

Job: Works as a Strategic Officer on the Durandal. Use to pay for transportation on ships by doing odd jobs for the crew of said ships.

Armour: None

Weapons: Sword Of Light (A sword she, herself, makes by focusing her ether into a physical shape.)

Fighting Abilities/Weapons/Powers: Has the ability to speak telepathically with Nephilim, Febronia and chaos and now Fayth. Why, is unknown to most, though it is because they are all angels.

Anytime Adelina touches a person, the person ends up going into some kind of shock. Some just die on the spot, while others seemed ok for a while then seem to loose energy till it's too late... and they die. A cure has resently been found and seems to be simply the presence of none other then Fayth. This ability can also be used against Gnosis...

Healing Touch (Ether Ability - She places the palm of her hand on the person's chest. Her hand then begins to glow with a white/blue aura, healing minor wounds and aiding in the healing of more serious wounds. Though this ability is rarely used due to her deadly touch.)

Feather Duster (Ether Ability - Spins around rapidly with her arms waving slightly above her head as a hurricane of feathers surrounds her. She then stops abruptly sending the blast of feathers at the enemy, either knocking them out of stunning them.)

Sword Of Light (Ether Ability - Closes her eyes and puts her hands out in front of her, palms up, as a feather appears in the air just above her and floats down to her outstretched hands which grab it like they would a sword. The feather then begins to glow and grow longer forming into a sword made completely of light. She then opens her eyes and slashes at the enemy.)

Angel's Grace (Ether Ability - White wings appear on her back and she floats up into the air and crosses her arms in front of her then seems to pass out and falls back towards earth as a ball of bright white light appears in front of her crossed arms and white feathers float around her, she opens her eyes at the last minute and sends the ball of light towards the enemy with a swift uncrossing of her arms.)

Hells Gate (Ether Ability - This is only used when she gets very angry. Her eyes turn completely black as her hair floats up into the air in a strange updraft. A black aura begins to form around her body as she slowly brings her hands, palms up, from her side and up to be high above her head. As she does this, black electricity seems to form between her hands and a white circular outline forms in the area in front of her. Once finished the white outline becomes a solid black hole sucking in anything that isn't attached firmly to the ground and sends out blasts of energy killing anything within a 5 mile radius. Unfortunately, after this attack is used, she becomes extremely weak from energy drain)

Family Members: Seems to have a sibling like relationship with none other then chaos himself... she is also one of the only people who can make chaos loose his cool and get angry... In truth, the two angelic beings sort of adopted each other as siblings... deep down, they both care deeply about each other, even though Adelina doesn't always show it...

Close Friends: Seems to have a somewhat close relationship with Nephilim and Febronia. Other then that, she seems to be a loner, though, both Jr. and Fayth seem to be getting closer to her.

Enemies: Seems to somehow know and fear Albedo, though she doesn't speek of their relationship to each other. She also has a great hatred for Ormus and anyone involved in said organization.

History: Adelina doesn't give out much information about her past. However, from her personality and the way she reacts to different situations, it can be assumed that she has quite a few skeletons in the closet. In truth she was captured by Ormus eight years ago and was tortured as well as 'experimented' on. This experimentation, which was done by Albedo, is what led to her inability to touch other living creatures. She has a slight grudge against her adopted brother chaos since he never came to save her. She eventually got out, though she does not quite remember how... All she remembers is waking up in an escape pod...

Quotes: "Then let all those other people whisk them away to their deaths... I don't want any part of it."

"What makes you think that we can make such an impact in this war that our presence here will somehow lead to a 'happy' ending? This is no fairy tale. This is reality where people live and die."

'Why do they need me so much? What can I do?'

"Is there something I can do for you? Or are you just into idle chit chat?"

"Hasn't anyone ever told you that you can't just go around forcing people to do what you want?"

"Haven't you gotten the hint yet that I don't like you? That I just want you to leave me alone?"

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Ok, I've had several people ask me how to develop products so here's a step by step guide on how to do it. Remember that you have to OWN YOUR NAME to be able to do this...

Step 1: Go to Imvu and click on Developers. Make sure you've downloaded the Developer's tool set. Go to Texture Templates (With colour) or Mapping Templates (Black and White Wire Mesh) and pick a template you want to work on.

Step 2: Bring the template onto an art program of some sort and colour and design it. I just tend to preview a lot to find out which part in the template is which part on the actual piece of clothing cause it's not always so clear, so what you can do is colour each piece a different colour to test it out then do your designing.

Step 3: Save the finished product as a Gif or Jpeg

Step 4: Get to the Imvu Tools program (My computer, C Drive, Program Files, Imvu Tools, Previewer)

Step 5: Click on the speech bubble that says Previewer to open up the program. Also go into the Example folder and open up the file called IMVU Master Product List.

Step 6: Find the product you're trying to make in the Master Product List then go to the Previewer and go to Create An Inherited Product and find the number corresponding to the piece of clothing you chose and open up the file.

Step 7: Under Material 0 where it says Colour map is where you load the template that you coloured.

Step 8: Save your piece of clothing giving it a proper name into the 'Example' folder.

Step 9: Go back to IMVU and a product in the catalog that's of the same type as yours, preferably one that's cheap and derivable.

Step 10: Click on Derive from product and fill in the parts there. The CFL file is the clothing file you made and the Catalogue Icon can be a picture of your product (I suggest using the print screen in the previewer and bringing it into your art program and cropping off the unneeded parts) Make sure it's saved as a Gif or Jpeg.

Step 11: When you get to step seven on this screen, it will give you a Break Even Point. This means if you go any lower then that price you will LOOSE money if you stay on the break even point you wont loose or make any money. So it's best to make it more then the Break Even Point.

Step 12: Once you've got all that done click submit product and click on View Product In Catalog that shows up on the bottom of the next screen.

Step 13: Now that you're on the catalog page for your new product, go down to where you see the green and red dots. Make sure the green dot is clicked on if you want your product to be seen in the catalog.

Step 14: Enjoy the money that's now rolling in from your new products! YAY! =^-^=
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