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The Past is But the Gateway, The Future is the Path
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Photobucket I am The Chaosweaver, Lord Guardian of the Sunyamunths Coven. The SunyaMunths, or True Protectors was formed because there is simply too much corruption within the worlds of the living and the preternatural world. The strong and arrogant have preyed upon the weak, and the rich upon the poor for far too long. it should not matter what sort of creature you are, or how much wealth you have amassed. All beings are equal within the eyes of their creators, and should be treated as such. I exist to preserve balance, as do those who fight by my side. There is no room for fickle behaviour on the path to peace. Those in need of help may call upon us at any time. We will protect any threatened by the hateful and unjust. Bloodshed should always be your last resort. To all the weak, downtrodden souls who cry out unheard. We shall be your voice amongst the Din of the crowd, your sword on the battlefield of life, your shield that protects what is truly important in the world. for we are the Sunyamunths, Protectors of all for eternity.
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Made this lovely Video for my fellow hatchet swingers, but anime fans will like it too. CAUTION! EXPLICIT LYRICS!!!

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