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"moshi moshi another day..."

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My name is Melix. I am 19 years old and I live in Australia.
yer I'm having a busy life just like everyone else on Earth. but I still have some time to talk to people...I think. I love anime, all kinds of music, video games and so on. I guess I'm into alot of stuff. I luv chatting to people so when u get bored, u have someone to get rid of ur boredom!!..I hope. I dont think I'm that boring. >.< I talk alot especially about the most random things in the world. heh heh *sweatdrop*. ANYWAY come and gimme comments and add me so I can talk to u. now thats an order. teehee cya!
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Chatting
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Plz visit mine and Mystaia's product Page in your free time!!! ^.^ p.s sorry i dont do refunds, you should becareful what you buy...though i like ma products >.<

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