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If I see you in the outfit Challenge with one of my products on i'll vote for you! I DO NOT HAVE A BLING BADGE YET! PEOPLE PLEASE STOP ASKING! WHEN I GET ONE I WILL LET EVERYONE KNOW! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! ATTENTION! I am back deving full time finally I missed it so much, Thanks for everyones support.
Sweater Argyle DressTan and Pink FlyawayBrown Flyaway WrapBrown Leather BootsPretty In PinkBridesmaid dress
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!Constance Shiny Black-tgm-VialovLeela3L. Black Vans[MAR] Sophia dirty blond
Pink Vans GirlsVans Top FM' Nightly dress*R* Berit Brown BlondSTG: EVERYDAY
[M] Panther Makeup&Lash[SS] Valentine Earring(X)cream ruffles dressV| Sexy Cowgirl Bootsn: creamy pink make up
n: creamy black make upn: creamy water make up(a) Kiyoharu blond mixspacerspacer
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content-here I love Fashion! I love to sing and dance, Design outfits.Playing with my son! I love to shop.Im a huge gamer girl.I love playing WoW so if that makes me a dork then Great! *hehe* Im 26. Yes i Know what my age thing says I screwed my Bday up on here hahaha *brunette~but should be a blonde*I love playing around with photoshop.Anything else you want to know ask me!?! :)
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Roxie Kelly
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