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"18 years with my Love. Happy Anniversary to my one and only! <3"

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I am a wife to one spectacular husband. He has loved me and supported me in all my endeavors for 16 fabulous years. I do not and will never cheat on him, that includes flirting/cybering with other males. I simply don't do that! I am a mother. My children are precious to me and re-enforce the love I have for my husband. I am an artist/crafter. I express my love of fantasy through drawing and sculpting. I also love to cross stitch, knit, paint, texture on imvu, etc and so on. I hope to learn to mesh for IMVU one day. This is me in a nutshell. Thanks for reading! Looking for fellow artists and crafters
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Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship
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[MAR] Raemeli caramel[OB]Raemeli. white raemeliM:: Dimah-die- Joffrey Forest
!C Suede Honey!C Suede Platinum-die- Malon hair~E- The Fever (M)| Zero x Navigator |
~E- Khal Eyes~E- Autumnal Shift (M)[Z] Era Skin 013~OA~ "Gorean"Arm W. bl~OA~ Aerandir Brown V3
~OA~ Assassin Suit Brown*G Peasant Linen*G Peasant ClaySW~ Pumpkin Tunic-die- Asesos revenge M
Special Someone
Generous and talented. Sweet and caring. Offers wonderful advice and ALWAYS ready to help!

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