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Welcome to the CaraLolita Collection....

Hello everyone, please browse my new products and take some of my badges. I am currently not taking any requests here on imvu. When that changes I will post it here so you will immediately know. I can no longer continue making requests for people who do not pay, buy the item, or have never purchased any of my products. My time is my money and is how I make my living. :-(

I don't check my messages every day so please have patience when waiting for a response, Thanks! Have Facebook? "LIKE" me on facebook please!


**If you do leave a message for a request, I might get to it at a later time, but no guarantees. And sorry, but requests are not free!**
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If you want my bling, please use my auto blinger panel. If you happen to have bling of your own, please send it to me! :-) Please browse my products before you go.

Note: I have been bombarded by requests to be hired as a "model". I do not need or want models. I do all of my own artwork. I do not want to pay someone or give them free products. Please do not beg or mooch. I get 2 or 3 requests every day. Good luck finding someone who is interested in this arrangement, perhaps a male developer.

Also...do not ask me or any other developer for a "refund", "return", or "exchange". When you buy a product from us, we only get a small percent of the credits. The mesher that the product was derived from and imvu all get a large piece of the pie. If you have a problem with an item you should talk to imvu, not me. If an item was re-rated in the catalog and is no longer available to you, it was an imvu glitch not mine. Contact them. Also.. how can i give you credits back if you can't give me the item back? I'm not trying to sound cranky but use some logic...... Sorry, but I had to get that off my chest and rant a little. I will not be answering any messages like these.

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CaraLolita Daily Outfit Challenge Contest

CaraLolita is sponsoring a Daily Outfit Challenge Contest:

Wear any one of my skins in the daily outfit challenge, whatever the theme. You can wear one of my male or female skins.
1. If you make it into one of the top 50 places wearing my skin, message me after the contest has closed and I will give you another skin, of your choice, from my catalog, for free!
2. --This only counts once the contest is finished and the winners announced, not while the challenge is still running.
3. You can choose from any skin I created, including custom requests. If you win, the price or exclusivity of my skin does not matter!
4. And you do not have to tell me before you enter, only if you win!
Let me know the theme of the contest, the date, and what place you took. I will check to see that you did in fact make it in the top 50 and send you the skin of your choice from my catalog.
Potentially 50 winners every day!
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Thanks for requesting my badges. I hope you display them. Feel free to browse my products before you go!

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