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Awareness and Early Detection May Save You!

Welcome to the Cancer Awareness home page. We are dedicated IMVU members, developers and groups helping all become aware of all cancers and working to help in the fight to find a cure.

Those on my buddy list & the groups I am in are the fellow fighters in this cause. The Cancer Awareness Group is where everyone comes together for information and to share with one another. Each month we have two events. A Meet & Greet Night for everyone to gather, chat and bring some new ideas to the group. The second event is a Gala to raise donations for the cause. Anyone is welcome to join us. If you wish to do more and be involved please leave me a message or contact Jazzetta.

Please copy the code below each of the banners below to display them on your homepage. By this small act you are already saving life..

Thank you for any and all support that can offer in this cause.

My Groups Check Out IMVU Groups!
The following groups are supports of the Cancer Awareness Cause. Thanks to all of them and their members for helping keep HOPE alive.

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375 posts from 2143 members
group image
Biggie Size Stamp Club

1047 posts from 600 members
group image
Nocturnal Embassy

910 posts from 2545 members
group image
Charlie's Fallen Angels

8679 posts from 148 members
group image
Naughty Pixels

87340 posts from 1192 members
group image
Cancer Awareness

988 posts from 930 members
group image
Tidy's Derivable Designs

712 posts from 6138 members
group image
Natural Elegance Magazine

70 posts from 215 members
group image
BFCA -Bikers For Cancer Awareness

40 posts from 7 members
group image
Evoluer Magazine

1211 posts from 807 members
group image
Sunflower Foundation

157 posts from 77 members
group image

121 posts from 74 members
group image
CART - Cancer Awareness Round Table

63 posts from 171 members
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