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well its goodbye from me tc all xx
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My eldest daughter, you an me have been through so much together an survived it all. Im so pround of you an everything you do well almost everything lol. Always follow your dreams. Thank you for always being there. loves you lots forever an always no matter what lol xxxx
My sister/bestfriend/sould siter an giggle partner in crime lol. This fantasic lady, funny, warm, caring. i am so lucky that mikey introduced us, i couldnt imagine my life with out you an my online family, never want to loose your friendship. Thank you for everything. Loves you loads xx
My on line brother in law. There are sooo many ways to describe you lol but my fantasic, warm, caring, funny an one of my best friends. Thank you for everything but most of all our friendship an all the laughs we have had since we met. xxx
My sister/best friend/soul sister. This wonderful lasy means the world to me, loving an funny, so many fun times to remember. When you meet your sould sister you never want to let go. I feel like we have known each other for ever, i am so lucky to have meet you. loves you lots xxx
My on line brother in law. You will never find a more caring, warm genuine person/friend. you are a true friend an gentleman. I am so glad we met an dont ever want to loose our friendship xx
My lil sis/best friend. WArm, kind an caring our mad group wouldnt be the same without you. Thank you for being my firend an sis xxx
My on line bro, always fun to be around, can alwys make me smile, a dear an ture friend. thank you for everything xxx
Best friend isnt enough to descirbe you. Thank you for all the laughs we have had. thank you for coming into my life an making it special with your love an friendship xxxx

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